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Saving the Bees

Master Pest Patrol saves the bees. We have noticed a dramatic drop in bees in the Sacramento area this year for the first time. Usually, only the outskirts of the city were affected. Many swarms are only the size of a softball now.

Comb with Queen The Queen Bee and Female Workers

The average beehive contains some 30,000 bees! Most of the bees are female workers. There is only one queen per hive. With the high volumenous amount of bees, it is difficult to find the queen. Many times novice beekeepers mistake the oversized male drone for the queen. The queen usually stays near the brood.

Bee under eaves

Started as a friendly bee swarm, but later a thriving beehive with honey.

bees on car

Bee swarm on a vehicle in traffic.

Bees in Chimney

Beehive behind brick wall. We can removal bees and honey without damaging brick.


Bees transferred into box
Bees after they were transferred from a wall void.
Bees in Tree
Beehive in a hole in an oak tree. We can transfer them into bee box.
Bees in Wall
Bees in a subfloor of a house.


Beehive in Tree
I find this type of a hive a few times a year. When bees form a hive outside a wall void or tree, they are called feral hives.
Bees on Car
Bees will make their home in some wierd places! This beehive was probably in transition while looking for a permenant place.
Bees in Floor
Another beehive in the subfloor.

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