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Ant Control Sacramento

Ant Control Sacramento

The most common ants in the Sacramento area are the Argentine, Odorous, Pharoah, and Carpenter ant. The Argentine ant is much more common than all of the others. Ant identification is important for control. When are ants usually a problem? Well, usually if there is no pest control services, this could be an annual problem. The worst times are during cold or hot times throughout the year. If it gets too hot, they look for a place that is not so hot ie. like your house. If it gets too cold, they look for a place that is warm. Yes, you guessed it; like your house. During the cold time of the year, they will move under the foundations of homes. When it rains it often floods their nests causing them to look for dry areas like your home once again.

The best answer is to have an affordable yet very efficent ant control service.

Professional & Complete Service

Because our company is a small family owned business, there is not a lot of overhead. You will see that our prices are much less than other companies-usually at least $10/month lower. We use the best insecticides available. For those that would desire an organic spray, we can use Eco-exempt which is a methol/mint spray and very effective.

Sacramento Argentine Ants

Argentine ant — Linepithema humile
Subfamily: Dolichodorinae

Identifying characteristics

- Workers are all the same size, small, 1/8-inch long
- Uniformly dull brown
- Petiole with 1 erect node
- Thorax uneven in shape when viewed from side
- Musty odor emitted when crushed


- Feed on sweets, fresh fruit, and buds of some plants
- Tend honeydew-producing species
- Forage for sweets and oils in homes
- Travel rapidly in distinctive trails along sidewalks, up sides of buildings, along branches of trees and shrubs, along baseboards, and under edges of carpets
- Colonies may split in spring and summer when queen and workers move to new site; not antagonistic toward each other

Nest type and size

- Outdoors in soil, under wood, slabs, debris, mulch, or in branches and cavities of trees and shrubs
- Shallow, 1- to 2-inch deep mounds in open, often disturbed habitats, either moist or dry
Millions of ants per colony with multiple queens and many subcolonies

Ant Control

- Residual pesticide spray that will last for at least 4 weeks performed on a monthly basis. One-time sprays are not suggested, since ants are very temperamental. If it is too cold they come inside for warmth; if it is too hot outside, they come inside to cool down.




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